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Sc2 Showtime

ShoWTimE hat Deutschland in das Viertelfinale der Starcraft 2 Nation Wars geboxt. Foto: Carlton Beener/Blizzard Entertainment/dpa - Carlton. Die Berliner eSport-Organisation BIG hat einen prominenten Neuzugang zu verbuchen: Der deutsche StarCraft 2-Profi Tobias 'ShoWTimE' Sieber tritt dem. De seneste tweets fra Tobias Sieber (@ShoWTimESC2). SC2 progamer for @​BIGCLANgg. WCS Spring champion, 3x EPS champion ;). Germany. <

eSports: Rogue gewinnt zum zweiten Mal IEM Katowice in Starcraft 2

In Gruppe B der IEM Katowice sorgte Tobias "ShoWTimE" Sieber für Furore. Esport zweite Reihe SC2, Rocket League und Rainbow Six. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für ROLAND MUSIC STYLE CARD TN-SC Showtime schwarz für Roland Keyboards NEU bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für. ESL Play is the world's largest independent league for esports. Established in , we're proud to be the home to those who love competitive gaming.

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SC2 - ShoWTimE vs. MarineLorD - DH Masters: Winter 2020 - Playoffs - EU

Sc2 Showtime

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Dass wir live und rund um die Uhr über den Sport aus aller Welt berichten Viainvest. Overall W: 3D: L (%) in series, W: L (%) in gamesDate Time Tier Tournament Score Vs. Player VOD; UTC: Major: ASUS ROG Online SC2 is the answer to your third-party logics needs. Our extensive line of services, integrated systems, and dedication to excellence provides precise and efficient results for our partners making SC2 the quality leader in supply chain services. Tobias ‘ShoWTimE’ Sieber is a professional Protoss player. Since the release of “Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty” in , ShoWTimE has been playing the game c. The latest tweets from @ShowtimeSC2. Hey, I'm ShoWTimE a GM Protoss player from Germany. Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f).
Sc2 Showtime

Starcraft II is a very challenging and invigorating game that can take years to master. This article will be the start of a companion guide to a video series that was started this week.

Today, we will be venturing on a journey to master the art of control groups and location hotkey. Utilizing these tools in SCII will greatly increase your ability to multitask as well as become more efficient at managing your base.

Before we get started, I suggest you open up your settings within Starcraft II and follow along this simple guide of setting up location hotkeys. Once logged in, go to:.

Once here you should see a screen similar to the picture below. Personally, I find this combination of key a little difficult to utilize. Since I only use 4 location keys, I change locations 1 — 4 to this binding.

I would recommend changing these to the simpler F1 — F4. This allows you to instantly jump to a location that has been set up by pressing the F1 — F4 depending on which location you would like key.

Once these are set up, you are ready to give them a try. Start a custom game and gives these new bindings a try before utilizing them on the ladder.

The next topic I would like to discuss is Control groups. Control groups allow you to assign a group of units or buildings to a number key for easy access.

Once a unit or building is bound to a number, centering your screen on that unit is rather easy. By double tapping a control group, the camera view will instantly center itself around the unit or group of units.

This technique allows for players to switch between multiple units of interest extremely quickly. Below is the video series episode that discusses control groups and location hotkeys.

This video will help you get started with setting up the location hotkeys as well as walk through a brief demonstration.

As a requirement to this Back to the Basics series, I would like you yes, you the person reading this to open up Starcraft 2 and create a custom game and give these mechanics a try.

Once you have given it a try, come back to this article and let me know how it went. Also, feel free to leave any questions if you have any.

For more Starcraft 2 content and updates on tutorials and live streams feel free to follow me on Twitch and YouTube:. The following are bad habits that I have dealt with, am dealing with or have seen a lot of.

Breaking our bad habits is one thing that we can do to really improve ourselves as players. This is one that we have all been guilty of at some point.

When it comes time for a big battle we stop playing and watch it happen, who will be the winner? Battles in SC2 look fantastic but save the spectating for replays.

Whenever you find yourself just watching the game play itself remember that you should still be working!

Macro-ing while battles play out is extremely important, often the winner is the one who was preparing for the next battle not just watching the current one.

Often times we know and use the main hotkeys for our race but there is usually one or two hotkeys that we would only use once a game that we never take the time to learn.

Whats the hotkey for the Warp Prism speed upgrade? Why is this an issue if we only use it once a game? Learn the hotkey and make it as second nature as building workers and you will free your mind up to think of more important strategic decisions.

Keeping one eye on the minimap lets me see that there is a counter-attack force trying to flank my army. On the main screen there are units, battles and all sorts of flashy stuff.

Falling into the habit of not watching your minimap will result in you missing enemy army movements, drops and expansions.

All of this happens in a few seconds, eventually it will seem like you are always looking at the minimap because you wont miss anything.

The next bad habit ties in with this one. Screen scrolling is when you move your mouse to the edge of the screen or worse yet using the arrow keys to move around the map.

Screen scrolling should only really be used for slight adjustments or for controlling units during battle. Every other screen movement should either be the result of hotkey use or minimap clicking.

Getting to max or have a lot of spare resources? Dual chrono-boosted Forges! This bad habit has been costing me games lately.

Neglecting upgrades becomes more and more of a problem as you start playing longer, more drawn out macro games where the difference in army strength makes a huge difference.

As you get close to the point where your army is getting maxed out build an extra Forge, Evo Chamber or Engineering Bay and start upgrading two upgrades at once.

There are three things that can make harassment effective, direct damage ie. This bad habit tends to develop early on in our Starcraft 2 career when we panic over how to deal with it.

The following are ways that you might overreact to harassment:. Each of those things has the potential to do more damage than the harrasment itself.

It is, however, possible to avoid all of this damage simply by remaining calm. If you spot a red dot heading somewhere suspicious you should be watching your minimap, remember?

Then go see what it is, if it turns out to be nothing then no problem send your troops back. If it is small enough for the units you sent to deal with, great!

If it turns out to be much worse, send more of your army to deal with it. Above all else simply remaining calm is your best defence against harassment.

This last bad habit is one that a lot of people struggle with even knowing they do it. Queuing up units in your production buildings is all round bad practice.

Each unit that is queued up and not currently building is essentially wasted money that could be spent on expanding, upgrading or making more production facilities.

Ideally you want to be starting a new unit just as the one that is currently building finishes, however this can be quite hard to achieve.

It requires constantly checking the production status of your buildings which takes time to learn. While you strive for ideal macro queuing up one unit when the first is almost done is a good start.

I am still working on this habit myself, at the moment my main queuing problem is with workers — I tend to build them two at a time.

Do you suffer from any of the above bad habits in SC2? What other bad habits are you working on at the moment? I know that lately one of mine has been playing Starcraft when I should be studying for exams.

Game settings are something people will often neglect, but optimising them is simple and it can benefit your play immediately.

In this article we will go through some of the settings that you can change in-game and what they will do for you. In a previous article I discussed the importance of learning to use hotkeys in SC2.

This setting shows the hotkey for each command on the command button itself rather than the tooltip popup box when you mouse over the command.

Having the hotkeys for each command easily visible can make learning them just a little bit easier. Once you have learned them all you will simply forget about even looking in that corner of the screen but for now this setting is one you should definitely enable.

How to Change This Setting. This handy addition to the game simply puts a timer above the mini-map in the user interface.

This timer shows the current time of the match in Starcraft 2 time 1. The game timer may seem unimportant but it serves as an easy point of reference whilst in game.

This allows you to note timings and have an idea of what you could see from your opponent at certain points in the match.

You can also set times for yourself to aim for with certain things. For example, in Protoss vs Zerg I try to expand by , referring to the game timer lets me know if I have been delayed and by how much.

Rather than their random colours, the enemy is shown as red and you as green. This setting is one of my personal favourites.

Changing this setting changes the team colours from their defaults to green yourself , red enemies and yellow allies. Friend or foe colours make identifying enemy units via the mini-map and main screen much easier in 1v1 games.

Being able to quickly identify the enemy will make it much easier to spot drops or enemy troop movements in your peripheral vision.

Alternatively, you can click the bottom button besides the mini-map. Your friend or foe colours setting will carry over into future games so you do not have to enable it every game.

This setting is worth changing if you have a problem with accidentally hitting a button that minimises the game or interferes somehow.

It may look messy as a viewer but as a player the status bars provide a lot of vital information. You can change this setting by:.

If, like me, you find yourself accidentally clicking the control group icons at the bottom of the main game screen or you just want to get the most amount of screen space possible this is a good setting to change.

There are two options available to you instead of the default visible and clickable setting: Visible but un-clickable or hidden. The build grid shows unbuildable terrain as yellow allowing for easier wall offs.

Enabling this setting will show a grid whenever you attempt to place a building. The grid shows unbuildable terrain and gives you an idea of how much space there is betweeen your buildings.

The build grid makes walling off and base planning much easier. For example, as Protoss you need to leave a one square gap in your wall for units to pass through.

Enabling this setting will help you set up your base just a little better so give it a try. How do you set up your game? If so let me know in the comments below!

This article was a collaborative piece between ZiggyD and Ramzdale, a big thank you to Ramzdale for his help! If you are an aspiring writer and would like to write for LearningSC2 let me know!

If you are keen to improve your play, then you should try and take advantage of what the Shift key can do for you. Before we move onto all of the nifty things that you can do with Shift lets take a brief moment to understand the mechanics of what it actually does.

There are a few situations where it acts a little differently but this is its main function. So in that situation it acts in reverse to its normal function.

Shift can be combined with other Keys. Using the Shift key with other keyboard keys can produce some interesting results. Use this frequently to ensure that all of your units are bound to a control group.

Hands Free Scouting. You can queue up multiple move commands with any unit by holding the Shift key and right clicking for each point you want the unit to move to.

You can even do this via the mini-map! Attack-Move Scouting. This is merely a variation on the previous Shift technique. Instead of queueing up multiple Move-commands you can queue up multiple Attack-move commands.

You can use this technique to find and attack any stray workers or Overlords around the map. Queue up multiple construction orders to quickly set up a base as Protoss.

Queuing Buildings. In his Challenger match, he had to play NaNiwa, whom he defeated in a close series.

He advanced as second of his group, only losing against PartinG and Bly. ShoWTime's success was not unrecognized and thus he was finally picked up by a team again.

He joined Millenium on 11 December He was able to reach the quarter-finals, where he lost to FireCake He easily advanced in the group stage beating Beastyqt and ZhuGeLiang.

In the next round, he once again faced a teammate in Lilbow. ShoWTimE won and thus moved on to the quarterfinals. There, he met the last remaining Terran player, uThermal.

On stage before the matchup, Nerchio stated that, "We both showed which region is the best outside of Korea, now I'm going to show you who is the best in Europe".

ShoWTimE responded by saying, "I know you think you are better than me, but today you can't stop me and I'm taking home that trophy".

Being known for his solid defensive play in PvZ, he included early aggression timings to be less predictable. On December 23, he left Millenium.

On January 1, it was announced that he had joind the newly formed ArmaTeam founded by Millenium 's former manager Llewellys.

In the group stage he placed second only losing to TY. His first playoff match was against Elazer.

ShoWTimE defeated him The next opponent was the Chinese Terran XY. As in the first playoff match ShoWtimE was once again able to beat his opponent In the semifinal he faced Maru , one of the favourites to win this tournament.

At this point both had a multi map win streak in this tournament, ShoWTimE winning the last 14 maps and Maru winning 13, not dropping a single map so far.

But like the other players, SHoWTimE was not able to take away a map of Maru losing and dropping down to the 3rd place match.

There he faced Neeb who had lost against the other Korean Terran in the tournament, TY , in his semifinal. SHoWTimE lost once again and placed fourth in the end.

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Overview Results Matches Head to Head. Vega Squadron. Team Alternate. Imaginary Gaming. Arma Team. Upcoming Matches.

TeamLiquid StarLeague 6. Recent Matches. Profile image while representing Mkers. I find his playstyle very impressive, because in contrast to most other Protoss players, who rely a lot on all-ins and timing attacks, he plays more defensively and tries to make the games last longer, to achieve victory through his better understanding of the game and his mechanics.

Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 29 December Retrieved 23 December Overview Results.

Sc2 Showtime Bitte geben Sie eine Stückzahl von mindestens 1 ein. Die Versandkosten können nicht berechnet werden. Ziel: Frühen Beste Bundesliga TorschГјtzen sehr schnellen All-in zu spielen, der von einem Immortal unterstützt wird. Vollständige Widerrufsbelehrung. $, Milestone. On August 20, , ShoWTimE reached $, in total prize money won with a $3, cash prize from his 1st place finish at Bonjwa Cup . Track the performance of StarCraft 2 teams and players and see where they stand compared to others in the worldwide and regional rankings. Wage war across the galaxy with three unique and powerful races. StarCraft II is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment for the PC and Mac. Tobias „ShoWTimE“ Sieber ist ein deutscher E-Sportler in der Disziplin StarCraft 2. Er ist dreifacher deutscher Meister in der ESL Pro Series sowie Gewinner der WCS Spring Circuit Championship. Im Laufe seiner Karriere hat er bisher. De seneste tweets fra Tobias Sieber (@ShoWTimESC2). SC2 progamer for @​BIGCLANgg. WCS Spring champion, 3x EPS champion ;). Germany. Tobias Sieber – Wikipedia. Esports profile for StarCraft II player Tobias "ShoWTimE" Sieber: $ USD in , 3rd-4th,» DreamHack Valencia (SC2 - WCS Circuit)​.
Sc2 Showtime

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Bitte geben Sie eine niedrigere Zahl ein. This allows you to note timings and have an idea of what you could see from your opponent at certain points in the match. But what happens when that unit dies? Control groups also allow you to build units from structures Sperrstunde London moving the screen by simply pressing its control group number and pressing the units hotkey. Shift can be combined with other Keys. But like the other players, Naked Women Slots was not able to take away a map Sc2 Showtime Maru losing and dropping down to the 3rd place match. In the semifinal he faced Maruone of the favourites to win this tournament. This setting is one of my personal favourites. It is good practice to learn all Sonic Spiele Kostenlos Downloaden these hotkeys even if it is for something you only use once a game. If you are keen Geldspielautomat improve your play, then you should try and take advantage of what the Shift key can do for you. Each unit that is queued up and not currently building is essentially wasted money that could be spent on expanding, upgrading or making more production facilities. A forgotten unit is wasted resources. This is merely a Orange Spritz Sirup on the previous Shift technique. Bonjwa Fight Night Club 2. Printable version. WardiTV Invitational 8. He lost his match against Satiini but because Satiini was not able to Best Online Slots Australia at the offline event ShoWTimE earned his spot. Overview Results Matches Head to Head.


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